Sno-Way Plows

Auto Elite is an authorized Sno-way plow and spreader dealer. Sno-way offers multiple snow plow options for everyone: from light duty home plows to full commercial-grade box and v-plows. Their patented down pressure hydraulic system makes back dragging and pavement cleaning easy and efficient. Sno-way’s patented plow features include intuitive wireless control for in-cab flexibility and shock absorption to soften the impact on your moldboard and truck. They also offer conversion kits to allow for greater versatility in fitting plows to your UTV.


In addition to snow removal, we’ve got you covered for residential and commercial deicing jobs. All Sno-way spreaders are compatible with rock salt, flake and free flowing and are available in a variety of sizes: from the lightweight, yet rugged 4 cubic feet size for deicing sidewalks, driveways and small parking lots – up to 6 or 9 cubic feet, high-capacity receiver-mount spreaders to treat larger driveways, parking lots and access roads.

4-cubic feet spreaders feature a fully encapsulated electric motor to protect against corrosion and impact resistant nylon roller wheels allowing for single-operator use. 6 and 9-cubic feet spreaders feature fully adjustable directional control paddles and a patented salt breakup system. Sno-way offers a wide array of accessories that make all the difference in getting the job done well and efficiently, such as vibrator motors to break up compacted salt and flood lights to increase job site visibility for all those early morning or nighttime deicing jobs.

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